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What is nutricosmetics?

“Our diet is reflected in our skin”. This expression speaks volumes about nutricosmetics. A combination of the words “nutrition” and “cosmetics”, it refers to all of the food supplements that have a “beauty” action.

Nutricosmetics aims to maintain beauty from within (skin, hair, nails, etc.). Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that simply using a face mask to obtain beautiful skin is not enough. A balanced diet is also required.

A rapidly growing market

Today, the nutricosmetics market represents 5.7 billion euro. It is expected to reach 8.8 billion by 2026 according to “Wise Guy Reports”.

Nutricosmetics is a branch that is very popular with Asian countries who have long associated beauty with a healthy diet. These countries alone represent 35% of the global market. Europe (notably France, Italy, Spain and England) follow in second place with 30% of the market share. The United States are in third place with 15% of the market.

On-trend sectors

Increasingly adopted by the French, nutricosmetics is the ideal combination of beauty products and food supplements for improved health and beauty. In particular, it concerns:

  • Skin care: the most popular segments are anti-aging and hydration products.
  • Hair care: anti-hair loss, strengthening, etc.
  • Nail care: anti-breakage, etc.
  • Sun care: before, during and after sun products, etc.

Nutricosmetics, supplemented by our normal care (creams), is therefore the new method to adopt in order take care of ourselves, and not just from the outside!

*Wise Guy Reports, Discover Global Nutricosmetics Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges, 2018

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