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Creme cosmetique alpol

A subsidiary of Dewavrin Cosmetics, Novapharm works in partnership with its sister company ALPOL Cosmétique. Through this collaboration, we create synergies in the nutricosmetics sector.

About ALPOL Cosmétique:

Created in 1947, the ALPOL Cosmétique laboratory is the partner of many pharmaceutical and cosmetics groups, both French and international. It produces its face and body care cosmetics ranges promptly and thoroughly.

If you would like to create a range of cosmetics in association with our food supplements, ALPOL Cosmétique places its know-how at your disposal from product creation through to its marketing. In collaboration with your teams, these experts ensure definition of the design along with its development, and the manufacture, packaging and dispatch of your cosmetics products.

Its ISO22716, ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications, together with its ECOCERT authorisation, are a guarantee of the quality of its services.

If you would like to find out more, go to the ALPOL Cosmétique website:

ALPOL Cosmétique
Z.A. 140, rue Pasteur 01500 CHÂTEAU-GAILLARD FRANCE
Tel. :+33 (0)4 74 38 51 00

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